Student Spotlight – Nirupama Sensharma

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Nirupama is a third year working with Umesh Garg in the Experimental Nuclear Physics division. She uses gamma spectroscopy to study the exotic phenomena exhibited by triaxial nuclei. She is currently investigating the rare process of wobbling in triaxial nuclei in A~130 region as well as looking for different regions in the nuclear chart where triaxiality (and hence wobbling) is expected.  Nirupama came to the University of Notre Dame from India, but has never felt out of place thanks to the friendly and helpful atmosphere.  One of her most exciting accomplishments thus far includes selection for the 2017 cohort of the NSF sponsored training program Social Responsibilities of Researchers (SRR) in the Reilly Center. As a part of SRR, she will design a website  to introduce the non-science population to the basic applications of Nuclear physics.

Welcome Back BBQ!!!

The start of the school year doesn’t have to be all doom and gloomJoin us for the GPS welcome back BBQ! The BBQ will be held on Labor Day, September 4th, starting at 4 PM at Rum Village Park Pavilion 2!

RSVPs are not required but we encourage everyone to sign up here! Please bring a dish to pass. GPS will be providing burgers and hot dogs, in addition to some beverages.

Due to Indiana’s crazy regulations on alcohol at events, we will not be allowed to have alcohol at this BBQ. Please don’t bring any.

If you need a ride to the BBQ you can use this link to sign up for a carpool. If you are willing to drive, please add your name to the list and how many spots you have available for people to sign up.

Student Spotlight – Jason Wiggins

Jason Wiggins
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Jason is a seventh year working with Peter Garnavich. His research strives to better understand the characteristics of isolated galaxies in underdense regions of the universe and how they compare to galaxies in higher density regions. He previously worked at American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) with Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Jason is a self-proclaimed “science fiction enthusiast,” so much so that he sometimes trips over all his books.  Upon graduating from the University of Notre Dame, he is looking forward to continuing his research as a Post-Doc.





Science Policy Initiative

The Science Policy Initiative (SPI) is a student-run group focusing on issues at the intersection of science and society.  We encourage dialogue on campus around policy issues, strive to improve our science communication skills, and serve as a professional development resource for students interested in science policy careers.  SPI hosts a number of events throughout the year to serve our campus community. We have regular monthly meetings to discuss current events and recent developments in science policy. We host guest speakers from both on- and off-campus to speak about their careers and viewpoints on science and society. We meet with our local, state, and national legislators to communicate the importance of their support for science. We participate in outreach events in our local community to promote enthusiasm and support for science among the general public. Email us today at to join! Find us on Facebook (@SciencePolicyInitiativeND) and Twitter (@SciPolND)!

Unofficial Happy Hour

Are you a fan of good deals, delicious food, and great company? Then join us this FridayJuly 7, for an unofficial happy hour! It is both a First Friday celebration and Summer Restaurant Week, so there are a lot of good deals and exciting events happening downtown! See here for more details about First Friday events and here for Restaurant Week menus for all 18 restaurants that are participating, including Brew Werks, Fiddler’s Hearth, and Chicory Cafe. We will meet at the South Bend Chocolate Cafe at 6:30 pm, and from there we will decide which restaurant(s) to go to. See you there!


Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Night

Thank you again to everyone who participated in Notre Dame Day!! Because of your generous donations, we received over 200 votes, more than doubling our vote totals from last year. As the first thank you, here is the RSVP form for the Guardians of the Galaxy, vol. 2 Movie Night.

NOTE: A $5 deposit is required to hold your spot, please RSVP by May 15.

The RSVP form can be found at the following link, or with the QR code.