2024-2025 Faculty Committee Student Representatives

Each year, the graduate students are invited to send a number of representatives to sit on various faculty committees relevant to our community. Below you will find brief descriptions of these committees and their current graduate student representative. A more complete listing can be found in the Committee section of the Department’s resources page.

Colloquium Committee

The Colloquium Committee works with the broader faculty to identify and bring to Notre Dame a diverse group of interesting speakers to present their research on current topics in physics. The committee typically has members from each of the major research areas in our department.

Representative: Miriam Matney (mmatney@nd.edu)

Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee will work with the Department Chair and the University Director for Academic Diversity and Inclusion to ensure that the Department of Physics and Astronomy remains a diverse environment at all levels and in which all feel welcome. The committee will help to collect data on efforts to promote diversity in the department and will make recommendations to aid those efforts.

Representative: Grace Longbons (glongbon@nd.edu)

Graduate Recruitment Committee

The Graduate Recruitment Committee has two major responsibilities. The first is to advertise the Department’s graduate program and encourage a large pool of qualified students to apply. The second is to help persuade admitted applicants to choose our graduate program. The committee plays an important role organizing the graduate recruitment weekend each spring semester.

Representative: Thomas Bailey (tbailey3@nd.edu)

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee works with physics and astronomy faculty, with a number of established education and outreach programs, and with local teachers and students to inform and involve the broader community with the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Notre Dame.

Representative: Fabio Rivero (frivero@nd.edu)

Graduate Curriculum Committee

The Graduate Curriculum Committee works with the Director of Graduate Studies to monitor and maintain the course offerings for graduate students in the Department. The committee is also charged with reviewing and assessing any proposed changes to the current curriculum.

Representative: Will von Seeger (wvonseeg@nd.edu)