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Committee Chairs

2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Adam Clark, Austin Nelson

International Committee: TBD

Social: Patricia Huestis, Lauren Callahan

Professional Development: TBD

Fundraising: TBD

Public Relations: TBD

If you’re interested in filling one of the TBD committee chairs, contact gps@nd.edu.

2017-2018 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Austin Nelson

International Committee: Pitambar Sapkota

Social: Matthew Hall

Professional Development: Laura Collins and Sabrina Strauss

Fundraising: Anthony Ruth

Public Relations: Benjamin Rose


2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Craig Reingold, Austin Nelson, and Adam Clark

Social: Elizabeth DeWaard and Patricia Huestis

Fundraising: Allan Leishman


2015-2016 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Erica Gonzales and Bryce Frentz

Social: Michael Skulski

Professional Development: Mallory Smith and Matthew Hall

Fundraising: Elizabeth (De Waard) Louden

Public Relations: Laura Collins


2014-2015 Committee Chairs

Outreach: Erica Gonzales

Social: Michael Skulski

Professional Development: Bryant Vande Kolk

Conference: Mallory Smith

Public Relations: Karen (Chamberlin) Ostdiek