GPAS Committees and Their Chairs

Interested in joining a committee? Email the committee chair(s) (listed below) or the E-board ( for more information! Committee meetings will also be listed on the Google Calendar.

Social Committee – plans and organizes a variety of events that foster friendships and community between graduate students across all subfields of physics.

2022-2023 Social Committee Chair(s): Jonathan Cabrera Garcia (

Professional Development Committee – plans and organizes a variety of events and provides resources that help graduate students develop their professional skills, including the GPAS Annual Conference.

2022-2023 Prof. Dev. Committee Chair(s): Miriam Matney (

Outreach Committee – works closely with JINA-CEE and the department to plan and organize outreach events in the local community.

2022-2023 Outreach Committee Chair(s): Scott Carmichael (

International Committee – fosters a community and provides resources to help international students adjust to living in the United States. Also works closely with Social Committee to plan and organize cultural celebrations.

2022-2023 International Committee Chair(s): Ananya Goon Tuli (

Public Relations + Fundraising Committee – plans and organizes various events to raise funds for GPAS, including Notre Dame Day. Promotes GPAS and its events to the department through email, flyers, social media, etc.

2022-2023 PR + Fundraising Committee Chair(s): David Shaw (

Gender & Inclusivity Committee – promotes gender diversity and inclusivity in the department

2022-2023 Gender & Inclusivity Committee Chair(s): Grace Longbons ( & Jes Koros (

If you’re interested in being a part of any committee or are interested in chairing a committee, email or fill out the GPAS Involvement Survey.

2021-2022 Committee Chairs

Outreach: Scott Carmichael

Social: Thomas Bailey

International: Ananya Goon Tuli, Ruoyu Fang

Professional Development: Jessie Sullivan

Public Relations + Fundraising: Lauren Harewood

Gender Inclusivity: Grace Longbons, Jes Koros

2020-2021 Committee Chairs

Outreach: Chevelle Boomershine, Scott Carmichael

Social: Thomas Bailey

International: Amal Sebastian

Professional Development: Patrick Fasano

Public Relations: Charlotte Wood

Fundraising: Shandi Groezinger

Gender Inclusivity: Grace Longbons and Jes Koros

2019-2020 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Chevelle Boomershine, Scott Carmichael

Social: Lauren Callahan, Stan Letchev

Professional Development: Patrick Fasano

Public Relations: Alex Thomas


2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Adam Clark, Austin Nelson

Social: Patricia Huestis, Lauren Callahan


2017-2018 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Austin Nelson

International Committee: Pitambar Sapkota

Social: Matthew Hall

Professional Development: Laura Collins and Sabrina Strauss

Fundraising: Anthony Ruth

Public Relations: Benjamin Rose


2016-2017 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Craig Reingold, Austin Nelson, and Adam Clark

Social: Elizabeth DeWaard and Patricia Huestis

Fundraising: Allan Leishman


2015-2016 Committee Chairs

Outreach (EXP@ND): Erica Gonzales and Bryce Frentz

Social: Michael Skulski

Professional Development: Mallory Smith and Matthew Hall

Fundraising: Elizabeth (De Waard) Louden

Public Relations: Laura Collins


2014-2015 Committee Chairs

Outreach: Erica Gonzales

Social: Michael Skulski

Professional Development: Bryant Vande Kolk

Conference: Mallory Smith

Public Relations: Karen (Chamberlin) Ostdiek