Physics Research Writing Consultant

The Physics Department has their own dedicated writing consultant! Inspired in part by similar programs for advanced writing support for STEM graduate students at places such as Yale and MIT, the department is piloting Notre Dame’s first real program where science graduate students can get feedback on their technical writing from a fellow scientist. The writing consultant will be a fellow graduate student (not a professor!) who has shown proficiency in their own writing and has been trained as a writing tutor.

You can work with the writing consultant at any stage in your writing process, from outlining major points to first drafts to last read-throughs of final drafts. Whether the work is for a class project, a scientific paper, a grant/fellowship proposal, a poster for a conference, or even your dissertation, there are many aspects where a fellow physicist independent of your project can help – structure, developing a coherent presentation, clarity and readability, and matters of language.

To schedule an individual appointment with the Physics Research Writing Consultant, go to the website below:

Be sure to select the “Physics Research Writing” schedule on the login page to reach our private calendar. You will need to make an account first if this is your first time visiting the Writing Center. Appointments can be either half an hour or an hour long and can be done either in person or over Zoom.

If you have any questions, contact Mark Caprio ( or this year’s writing consultant, Miriam Matney (